If you’re anything like us then you have a love affair with IKEA.  How could you not love the on trend Scandinavian designs, the low prices and of course the meatballs!  So when the latest IKEA catalogue landed in our mailbox you could imagine the squealing and happy dance we did!  Yep that’s right – did we mention we LOVE IKEA ha!

Call us insane but for some strange reason unboxing and building flat packs gives us a little thrill, not to mention is great team building exercise (if you count a few swear words as bonding!).

We have put together some pieces from the latest catalogue as well as a few pieces from some of our favourite Instagram shops that would work perfectly with our latest Miss Meow bedding.

Now a great IKEA blog post isn’t complete without a bunch of some great hacks!  Scroll through and take inspiration…now go make a trip to IKEA, we know you want to!

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We have wanted to do this for so long and it is so exciting to finally get our act together and get this blog started!

At Frankie & Frenchie, we love all things minimal, quirky and fun and we hope to use this platform as a creative outlet to show you what we love, what inspires, what drives us and what we’re all about. But first let us introduce ourselves with some facts you may or may not already know about us.

We are Min and Dee, the girls behind Frankie & Frenchie.

Min, is in charge of marketing, whilst Dee runs production and creates the artwork.  We bounce ideas off each other and work together to decide the ins and outs of the business. Between us we have five boys (we joined the Instagram baby boom and added two newbies to the Frankie & Frankie tribe this year) so it has been crazy juggling work and life but we both love it.  We won’t lie, it is made manageable with lots of coffee and wine!

Our step into bedding sprung out of our boys conditions.  Both our firstborn (and now our newborns as well) suffer from allergies and eczema   As anyone who has a child with eczema knows that having the right bedding is the key to a good night’s sleep and organic sheets made without harsh chemicals are softer and gentler on the skin to minimize the itch.  So we went searching for cool organic bedding only to be disappointed with plain white sheets. Hence Frankie & Frenchie bedding was born. Our bedding is made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and we are always conscious to use gentle & eco-friendly water based ink.

We started brainstorming ideas in 2014 but officially launch in November 2015 and it has been such an amazing and fun experience since.  We are based in Brisbane and wherever we can, we source and manufacture locally in Australia. We just love to shop local and support small businesses.

All our inspiration for our artwork comes from what our kids love and they are a big influence and driving force in our designs.  It is always so lovely to get great comments from our customers or peers about our work – this just brings a smile to our faces and justifies why we keep doing what we do.

Every order means a lot to us and we always let out a little hip hip hooray when it comes through so keep them coming!  What we LOVE even more is seeing our products styled in our customer’s kids room among all the other great items from other amazing Instagram stores.  But on the other hand,  it is annoying when we see others copy our work (especially the big boys) but the best thing to do is just to brush it off and take it as a compliment as they saying goes imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

We wish that we could be more adventurous with colours, we just find it amazing how well people design and style with colours but admit we are quite boring and you will always find our collection to be predominately black, white and grey with maybe a splash of colour!

That’s us in a nutshell!

We look forward to sharing with you more of the things we love so make sure to drop by from time to time.

xx Min & Dee.